Backpacking Spain: Experience the Rich History for Less

Backpacking is a great way to travel, especially if budget is a problem. As long as you have a durable backpack, a light tent, a comfortable sleeping bag, and a pair of sturdy hiking boots, you are good to go.

Spain is not only known for bullfighting, flamenco, and that yummy paella but it is also home to many historical sites. Backpacking Spain is a fun experience that you should never miss out on. This country is brimming with a lot of places that you and your friends can visit. They have caves, castles that was built in Moorish times, and famous cathedrals. But before you start your backpacking Spain trip, you should know a few tips to fully enjoy your trip.

First, you need to decide the places where you want to go. You can search on the internet for interesting places to visit in Spain. Write it down on a piece of paper so you won’t forget about it. Include the mode of transportation plus expenses, if possible. Having a ballpark of how much you will have to spend in this romantic country will help you determine the money that you need to bring. Since you are backpacking, you are likely to pitch a tent to spend the night but if you are looking to have a comfortable sleep even just once, you should do some research for hotels that offer affordable accommodations. There are myriad of hotels that are “backpacker-friendly” in terms of their rates. You should also include restaurants where your group can dine in unless, of course, you are planning to bring a portable stove to use on cooking. You don’t need to buy expensive items for your backpacking like the tent or the stove. If you are a beginner, you can start from less expensive gears and then upgrade it as you backpack more.

Overall, backpacking is a fun way to travel especially if you are headed for Spain. It is a low cost travel and there are many things to see and do there. Remember to plan the trip well to ensure that you will have a superb time.

Know the Cheap US Destinations, and Explore the American Land

For many people, a US tour is such a dream vacation considering all the good tourist spots that its states have to offer. In addition to this, the land of the bees and the honey can be a premier vacation place with all the comforts there are in this place: cool weather, more shopping options, and serene environment, although still, of course, there are still some US cities which are considered as the busiest in the world, being the centre of the World’s commerce. This being one, one may be happy to know that there are actually some Cheap US destinations that one can try to visit, so as to experience the genuine American life.

Although many views touring in the US as the most expensive one, considering having to shell out a considerable amount of dollars, there are still some cheap US cities that one may want to visit instead.

As mentioned earlier, there are Cheap US destinations that one can choose from in coming up with is itinerary. Cheap cities in the US include Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Being in these places in the US, one can surely incur less expense, as naturally, the cost of living in these cities come in cheaper than the other US cities. In spite of this, there are still a lot of tourist spots that one can enjoy in these cities. Take for instance, in Texas alone, with Austin as its capital, there are many places that come as worth checking out, this includes the Town Lake Hike-and-Bike trail, for the sports enthusiast in you, and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum for the academics.

The Barton Spring Pool is also an excellent destination in Austin, for those who likes to cool off on a warm day. And of course, there are still others worth visiting.

In these Cheap US destinations such as those mentioned earlier, there are also cheap hotels where one can stay in throughout his stay in the US. These cheap accommodation offer a decent place for those travellers, even on a tight budget. Then so if in US is your next dream vacation lies, be there, because you can.

Never Worry About the London Transport Price though Travelling on a Budget

Being in another country or in another continent entirely, one cannot surely bring along his car to stroll around town. For foreigners in another place, the best refuge they have in strolling around the city is the most available and affordable public transportation mode in that particular land. As for European places such as in London, perhaps the most common form of transport means is the busses and the trains. As a stranger in another land and with a limited budget, one does not have to worry about the London transport price as the cost come in the cheapest one can afford. One should also know that there are a lot of people who rely on these forms of public transportation; foreigners and country’s commoners alike, so, the cost have been modified so as to fit in to the regular man’s budget.

More so, one should not worry that the London transport price will be a hindrance so as one would be unable to travel through the best places around town, as these public transportations traverse the paths that lead to these tourist spots. For example, the famous Rock n’ Roll walk takes a bus ride, same as the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis museum and the Queen’s gallery. More so, trains can be taken to arrive at the Pollock’s Toy Museum, National Gallery, and the Namco Funscape. With all these, one does not have to worry about reaching the best place around the country, as it’s possible even when depending solely on the public transportation means in London.

Then so, the London transport price is not a real major concern, and a traveller has the least worries about this.

More so, the public transportations such as the busses and trains even offer some unlimited passes to the same, then, if one intends to stay in London for some longer days, weeks or months, availing of this may be the best option.  As much as there are cheap transport means in the place, there are also cheap hotels that one may avail of, thus completing the London experience. Although these accommodation may come in less the price, they sure still offer the same hospitable living experience as that of the costly ones.

Easy Ways to Travel for Free

There are a lot of people who spends hundreds and thousands of dollars for a trip or vacation. While it is a common thought that travels can be very expensive, there are easy ways on which you can travel for free. All you need to do is be informed of the easy ways of traveling. Most of the travel agencies, corporations and hotels lure you into taking expensive packages that would surely make you spend…a lot.

If you want to travel for free, you can volunteer on different kinds of organizations that will require you to visit many places. There are organizations like WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), Turtle Teams Worldwide, Conservation Volunteers (Australia and New Zealand), Sudan Volunteer Program, Appalachian Trail Conference (USA), Trip Leader for HF Holidays (Europe), Help Exchange Worldwide, Peace Corps Worldwide, Kibbutz Volunteer (Israel) and of course the United Nations Volunteer Worldwide.

By joining with these organizations you can definitely experience low cost travel or better yet travel for free.

The upside with these organizations is not just the travel opportunities that you can get from it. You can also get to help unfortunate lives and help build a better community for them. Discover varieties of cultures from around the world and experience life like it has never been for ordinary people like you. Get to taste their exquisite cuisines that will surely make you ask for more.

If you are interested with these, try to read books and travel magazines where you can get a glimpse of the places worldwide. Try also to read some articles, blogs and reviews on the Internet. There are a lot of people who document their travels and you can surely get some tips and ideas on places that you would love to visit.

You don’t need to wait for retirement before you unravel the world. There are a lot of job opportunities that can take you there. So what are you waiting for search for a traveling post on a reputable organization and get to travel around the world. Help make the world a better place by offering your life to those who have been forsaken by the busy world of commerce.